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Nurse call & Communication system

by Tunstall

Perfect communication for nursing homes, hospitals, care facilities and senior residences. Hospitals are generating tremendous synergies by merging operations or entering into partnerships. And with that extra commitment to efficient HR management combined with optimised medical technology, they can gain a competitive edge in the contest for patients. No matter where your strategic focus lies, all organisational structures are subject to constant change, so they need maximum flexibility. Tunstall’s innovative nursecall system flamenco® is perfect for meeting this challenge.

The very name reveals its key virtues: precision, dynamics, speed, the light touch that makes it so easy to use. Its qualities range from simple installation and maintenance via the integration of almost any external system, culminating in a complete liberty to model organisational structures, even across hospital boundaries.

flamenco® not only grants you the widest possible functional variety offered by contemporary nursecall technology. It is already fully equipped to cope with future trends – to make your patients more comfortable, to relieve pressure on your staff and to enhance the benefits of your investment

flamenco® by Tunstall

Current health sector reforms are forcing everyone in care provision to make fundamental changes.Instead of sticking our heads in the sand, it is well worth our while to consider the positive factors in this process, because they are mobilising huge potential for renewal in all fields.

When it comes to making decisions about systems and products, there are a myriad possibilities and unforeseeable economic considerations that com- plicate the process. How can you decide on the right system when demands and technologies are constantly changing? You may not be able to see into the future, but you can plan for it! With flamenco® , you’re perfectly prepared for every stage of the journey into the future.

flamenco® Perfect for every situation.

Occupancy rates and nursing capacity alter every day. flamenco® can be adapted completely to reflect acute needs. No dust, no noise. Regardless of wiring, partition walls and building layout, the bus network gives you a free hand to structure all work flows as you like and to exchange compo-nents without any effort.

flamenco®lets you shift ward boundaries virtually and across disciplines. Rooms are allocated to units with the capacity to handle them. Even individual rooms can be regrouped over-night to create a new ward or serve a different departmen

Perfectly placed and
cleverly networked.

Organise with flamenco®

1 . Patient handset
2 . Switch programme
3 - 7 . Com Terminal
4 . Corridor display
5 . Room lamp
6 . ComStation

Nursecall Animation

This animation shows how nurse call is working principally.

The animation gets activated by clicking the arrow. Just click the buttons and keys to discover the functionality of a nurse call system.

Nursecall and IP: Of course!

Telecommunication, multimedia, building services, medical technology -- these days hospital call facilities have to integrate with all kinds of different systems. flamenco®nurse call from market leader Tunstall lets you benefit from all the IT options thanks to its flexible interfaces -- but you can always rely on the core with its uncompromising security. A tried and tested system with two unbeatable advantages.